Wednesday, February 2, 2011's been a while. I'm in Key West , Florida. Had to motor down to recover dozens of paintings from a failed art gallery. I left Blue Hill, Maine on December 3rd. I managed to get out of town JUST as the snow started to fall. THE SNOW....i guess that's the theme for this winter. As i drove south through successive waves of snow...blowing into my old dodge van's windshield w/ the ferocity of a full can of disgourging silly string?.....i have questioned the logic of this trip! I HAD to retrieve paintings, if only to deprive others from possessing them by default. The Key West that they depict has effectively dissappeared, replaced by a dystopian present that unnervingly seems to attract more vistors/residents daily! it's The Snow, i guess. Aging Boomers and their subsidized largess can drive here...avoiding all the pitfalls that Gringos encounter out in the world ...beyond the Pale, so to speak. I'll try to keep up w/ Blogging  on a daily basis...hope you'll comment. glc

Monday, November 29, 2010

sorry i've been 2 bizzy to post....but i'm gonna try again to keep up a daily flow of rant/insight...seeya. glc

Friday, January 1, 2010

new year 2010

happy new year!...the bullets are whizzing overhead(hopefully!) here in ole miami!...pop pop pop.....stay away from the windows!.....sushi just dropped in her shoe in key west...mayor bloomberg paid a whole lot of money to be on hand to press the button on the ball drop...meanwhile..jesus a round just landed outside my door here...i'm going to to do tomorrow! glc

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new year 2010

dec.30th...full moon over miami....solstice,xmas and new years in rapid fashion....what will the new year bring?......i'm in miami for the winter...doing a series of portraits in oil/acrylic/watercolor of the locals and their haunts.....trying  for a "beam reach" in tough economic times...always seems that the $ has gone somewhere...exactly where is the question....into wars and welfare for bankers/traders population grows as resources are taxed to the limit.....and so it seems to progress through the years...i guess to appreciate a painting by don't need to know much about his life/times....and so i try to keep the background noise to a minimum...focus on the craft that i've practiced for over 40 years and ....let the artistic cards fall where they may. peace glc

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

july 9th?!!! jeez..i've been busy keeping my head above water....time to breathe!.....painting in maine until after Thanksgiving ....when i head for the streets of nyc....enroute to winter in west....seeya!