Saturday, March 31, 2007

run up to april fool's day

any takers for fool of the year....decade ...century.?..hey whatever...the jokes on trade wars/ and hot wars are threatened..we here in the us come to grips w/ the discovery that there's a greater world out there...w/ consequences for every mistep works wonders

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

maine ahrt-ist at work

when i left blue hill maine on january 21st...the ride to the airport in bangor was a snowy blurrrrr....a few hours later i was in key west, florida. Been here since, painting and helping run an art gallery: The Real Key West. Seasons change and i'm already planning my return to Blue Hill at the end of April....I'm in the gallery (located @ 525 Caroline St. (next to the Curry Mansion and a block from the Bull) I've a lot of figurative paintings....scenes of key west, for the most part. Hope you'll stop by. george