Wednesday, February 2, 2011's been a while. I'm in Key West , Florida. Had to motor down to recover dozens of paintings from a failed art gallery. I left Blue Hill, Maine on December 3rd. I managed to get out of town JUST as the snow started to fall. THE SNOW....i guess that's the theme for this winter. As i drove south through successive waves of snow...blowing into my old dodge van's windshield w/ the ferocity of a full can of disgourging silly string?.....i have questioned the logic of this trip! I HAD to retrieve paintings, if only to deprive others from possessing them by default. The Key West that they depict has effectively dissappeared, replaced by a dystopian present that unnervingly seems to attract more vistors/residents daily! it's The Snow, i guess. Aging Boomers and their subsidized largess can drive here...avoiding all the pitfalls that Gringos encounter out in the world ...beyond the Pale, so to speak. I'll try to keep up w/ Blogging  on a daily basis...hope you'll comment. glc