Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new year 2010

dec.30th...full moon over miami....solstice,xmas and new years in rapid fashion....what will the new year bring?......i'm in miami for the winter...doing a series of portraits in oil/acrylic/watercolor of the locals and their haunts.....trying  for a "beam reach" in tough economic times...always seems that the $ has gone somewhere...exactly where is the question....into wars and welfare for bankers/traders population grows as resources are taxed to the limit.....and so it seems to progress through the years...i guess to appreciate a painting by don't need to know much about his life/times....and so i try to keep the background noise to a minimum...focus on the craft that i've practiced for over 40 years and ....let the artistic cards fall where they may. peace glc

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

july 9th?!!! jeez..i've been busy keeping my head above water....time to breathe!.....painting in maine until after Thanksgiving ....when i head for the streets of nyc....enroute to winter in west....seeya!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

maineahrtist(aka: .....glcrosby is back home in blue hill after a three week trip around new england/new york......lot of rain....old a few paintings on cape cod and in home to clean up after the rains and do some local painting. glc

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

new york ,,,july 4th

..hearing snatches of info...another market setback?...junk bonds backed by Talf money?>.....anyway working hard here in nyc...selling paintings...getting teeth fixed and tweeking my website...headed home to maine in a few days....take care , dear readers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

announcing the installation of my latest check it out! ps....i'll be on w.bway and prince st. this coming sat. the 18th...seeya!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i turn 60 on april the 6th! Right now i'm wrapping up 3 months of painting/exhibiting/commissions in Key West, Florida. I"ll be in manhattan by the 18th of april...painting...showing some florida/nyc paintings on west. bway/prince st. in SOHO...should get home to blue hill, maine by month's end....feeling good...a little money saved up towards building my studio/gallery @ 20 Moose Lane in Blue Hill......hope to see you there....someday. peace, george

Friday, March 6, 2009

Key West Art Bar show last nite...

recovering today from the run-up to last nite's show of my recent paintings at the Key West Art Bar.....things went well and the show was well attended...well recieved. I'm a bit worn out from the workload.....i'll be continuing to paint in key west for a few more weeks...until the first week of April. My 6oth birthday falls on the 6th of April...quite a weight! Lost some old friends this year and i'm more cognizant than ever of the temporality of things...that's the a painter i make things and i guess my main motivation is to conjur some sort of visual a figurative artist, i create vignettes  depicting scenes from a constantly changing world. Time passes...and in the passing i try to shine a light on memorable moments...that all too quickly drift into the past. 

Saturday, February 28, 2009

key west art bar

i have been very busy this season in key west. Wrapping up 30 new small paintings. They go on exhibit @ the Key West Art Bar on March 5th. A nostalgic nod to what what once were more common scenes of key west...folks gathered on porches of small eclectic homes...playing cards in the afternoon shade. Otherwise i have been doing "house portraits" on commission. Come this thursday, i inaugurate yet another relationship w/ a key west art gallery......over thirty two years i have shown my paintings w/ quite a few venues... i am excited about this new gallery, the Key West Art Bar and i anxious to show off my new work. I've about another month to go here in the keys.....a little r&r at the beach for a week, after the show and then i start focusing on new york city...i stop off and show my pix in SOHO enroute to Maine and my studio in BlueHill......where i AM

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

spring is right around the corner...folks in blue hill, maine are anxiously awaiting the return of artist/painter george lee crosby to his moose lane studio...not to worry, i'm still in key west, florida...working hard prepping two upcoming shows..the first) february22nd@The Gardens Hotel on Angela st.( it'll will run from 4-7pm in conjunction w/ Jazz Sunday) the second) inauguaral show @ The Key West Art Bar  on march 1rst., the first thursday in March. Hang in there maineahrtist will be back in time to see his garden start to bloom!

have you been to've a small site hosted there. It gives some info regarding my painting and future plans. g

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

andrew wyeth passes...

thinking about the long consequential career of andrew wyeth. My route to painting in Maine came about with less ineluctable precision than that of wyeth. i sort of blundered into maine. in the midst of a hideously overheated july manhattan, i came upon a book of photographs of Eliot Porter....mostly of his family home on great spruce island in the middle of penobscot bay. The light bulb over my head went off! "i gotta get outta this place"!...well, a decade or so later, i've found myself living in Blue Hill, Maine and working out of a studio on Moose Lane...with a beautiful view of penobscot bay....

Thursday, January 22, 2009


roubinni says we're on the verge of a total nationalization of finance...3.6trillion in bad paper!....britain, as well...about time to stop sleep walking , america!. glc

Saturday, January 10, 2009

been a while....

i'm in key here a week ago...spent new years w/ friends in miami..been on the road over a month..left maine on dec. was just before the winter weather set in...good timing...headed for Hudson , ny where i had a small show of paintings @ LImner Gallery...spent two weeks in nyc painting and selling pix up until was rough..did well enough w/ sales....given the economic down I95 was hellasish as usual w/ cheap gas it took on the proportions of a Mad Max film....stayed in palm beach area for a while..pretty more to my in sunny key west for a couple of months...painting daily and taking commissions for house portraits....saving my money for studio i intend to build this spring, back in blue hill, maine.