Friday, April 6, 2007


i was born in new york city, 58 years ago. Watching a program on PBS last night, about chimpanzees....40 years of age is long in the tooth for our cousins...@ 58 i've got my health...and more optimism that nevertheless, reflects the ironic paradoxes of longevity. The program on chimpanzees was sobering and at times quite inspirational....hope in knowledge and honesty....and the willingness to grow. As i awoke this am...i was struck by the irony of optimism...last night's uplifting and cautionary glimpse into the REALITY of our relationship w/ our near relations....when i returned to that pbs station, this am...."curious george" , a children's cartoon show....had the protagonist being outfitted w/ a mini protective beekeeper's suit?!!!!! the same forum for correcting our misguided behavior....was inculcating the same wrongheaded children! and on it goes....

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