Friday, August 24, 2007

airborne vets speak up.....

i've been absent w/out leave from this spot for many weeks. apologies all around; i've had to make a buck, pay my debts and tend to my art biz. However, as i noodle away at my painting and deal w/ the masses here in ptown, i've been struck by the reluctance to state the obvious: the prez is naked! today's news illustrates the old saw about shooting the messenger .. (in this case, quite literally, as one of the soldiers from the 82nd airborne, subsequent to his disclosures, was shot in the head)..we...yes we you/me...WE are an army of occupation!Out of Iraq!...meanwhile sleazeball Las Vegas luminary Sheldon Adelson is funding Ari Fleisher's 11million dollar ad campaign to shore up (that's a laugh).. american opinion...Freedom's Watch my ass! OBSCENE!

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Howdy, neighbor .. in NH.

Here's more about Freedom's Watch than you'd ever want to know: