Friday, March 6, 2009

Key West Art Bar show last nite...

recovering today from the run-up to last nite's show of my recent paintings at the Key West Art Bar.....things went well and the show was well attended...well recieved. I'm a bit worn out from the workload.....i'll be continuing to paint in key west for a few more weeks...until the first week of April. My 6oth birthday falls on the 6th of April...quite a weight! Lost some old friends this year and i'm more cognizant than ever of the temporality of things...that's the a painter i make things and i guess my main motivation is to conjur some sort of visual a figurative artist, i create vignettes  depicting scenes from a constantly changing world. Time passes...and in the passing i try to shine a light on memorable moments...that all too quickly drift into the past. 

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