Saturday, February 28, 2009

key west art bar

i have been very busy this season in key west. Wrapping up 30 new small paintings. They go on exhibit @ the Key West Art Bar on March 5th. A nostalgic nod to what what once were more common scenes of key west...folks gathered on porches of small eclectic homes...playing cards in the afternoon shade. Otherwise i have been doing "house portraits" on commission. Come this thursday, i inaugurate yet another relationship w/ a key west art gallery......over thirty two years i have shown my paintings w/ quite a few venues... i am excited about this new gallery, the Key West Art Bar and i anxious to show off my new work. I've about another month to go here in the keys.....a little r&r at the beach for a week, after the show and then i start focusing on new york city...i stop off and show my pix in SOHO enroute to Maine and my studio in BlueHill......where i AM

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